Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MOST WANTED: Red satin one shouldered Alexis gown

Along with sharing my pieces with all of you, I am also hoping to find a few specific pieces to add to my collection! As I mentioned in my post with the white beaded Alexis gown, my top priority is finding the jacket that goes with that gown to complete my set. But Id also like to highlight a few of my favorite pieces that I would love to acquire! My top favorite "Alexis" gown is this red, satin, one-shouldered number. 

Alexis is arrested for suspected murder at her daughter Fallon's wedding, and gets sent to jail with the hookers and homeless while wearing this gown during the season 4 finale. Of course the jailhouse matron was kind enough to put Alexis' jewels in the safe before throwing her in the slammer.

WANTED: If anyone has any information on this gown, please let me know!